MGMT479 CSU World 82 Achievers Inc Industry Analysis Report

We are COMPANY 2 (The Achievers)


This paper you will be writing is just a part of a big project. So, you don’t need introduction or conclusion just straight get to the points. (5 pages of actual writing and by adding the graphs it could total to +10 pages )

This is a part of a game we played competing with other companies and make decisions every quarter to win. The goal of this paper is to compare years 5 & 6 of our projections on the game to the actual results and to the results of other companies.

What you need to do:

  • Industry analysis
    • Compare our company (company 2) to the industry for years Y5Q1 – Y6Q4, (quarterly consolidated figures)
    • Provide Tables and Graphs
  • Discuss the performance of our company in your industry analysis.
  • Points to cover include: UPC, ROA, ROE, Stock Price, Total Net Income, Market Share.
  • Also you MUST talk about the Weighting Factors: For each of the six performance measures in the criteria weighting factors (CWF):
  • Compare the planned objectives (from 2 year plan attachment) to what our company actually achieved in years 5 and 6.
  • What factors affected the choice of your objective?
  • How well were your objectives achieved?
  • (weighting factors must be quantified for example: (Net Income: $5,000,000 for Year 5 and $8,000,000 for Year 6; Stock Price $15.00 at the end of Year 5 and $25.00 at the end of Year 6.)

Attached is:

1- (our 2 year plan): includes our projections for years 5 & 6 also includes weighting factors information that you can use on the report you’re writing

2- Sample report of the industry analysis part and the sample covers all the points you should be talking about. This is very helpful

3- Sheet of our weighting factors that we used throughout the game

4- Graphs from the game for you to use on the report (we are company 2 which is in purple)

5- Annual Industry report results from the game (remember we are company number 2)

6- Quarterly Industry report results from the game

Let me know if you need anything else

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