Military Awards Artificial Intelligence and BLADE Essay

General Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, USAF

Awards Writing Submission

Congratulations on your nomination for our quarterly/annual awards! Your hard work and dedication to our mission is instrumental to our collective success, and your nomination reflects the pride your chain of command has in you and the work you do. We at NORAD & USNORTHCOM are tasked with a sacred duty – to defend our fellow citizens, our nations and our way of life. There is no more important military mission, and your nomination demonstrates that you are fundamental to our success as we rethink how we think about Homeland Defense.

As a high-level performer in your organization, your thoughts about this transformation are very important to me. No one has a monopoly on good ideas. Therefore, I ask that you write a short essay not to exceed two pages, double-spaced paper outlining your thoughts and ideas about a topic or topics related to our number one priority – Homeland Defense, or an improvement to a process, procedure or technique that will enhance the Command as a whole. I will read each and every paper submitted, and I will focus on your ideas rather than grammar and punctuation. Please use this letter as a template, and include your name at the top of your paper as I have done here.

To help you brainstorm ideas, you may want to reference my “Commander’s Perspective” which is located on the main portal page or my page on the portal. Your paper can outline new initiatives we should implement to maintain our military advantage in a specific area of your expertise. It could apply emerging technologies to overcome problems we face today. It may focus on initiatives contributing to the health and welfare of our civilians, officers, enlisted and fostering esprit de corps across all service elements. Or you could outline strategic approaches, diplomatic policies or military tactics that would help us defend our countries. All ideas, thoughts and musings related to our mission are welcome.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to think through this with me. I look forward to your ideas and I thank you again for your commitment to our sacred duty.

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