Mitigation Strategy & Pros and Cons of Chromebook Computers Essay

  • A good answer would cite the text book or an external source.
  • Short essay of a few paragraphs should be adequate.
  • The best answer will cite both the text and external sources.
  • Answers are not graded on the length or volume but on the student’s ability to defend their stated position within the answer.
  • Please number your answers so they correspond to the questions listed below.
  • After each answer (or clearly state within the answer) the source(s) used. Although form and style is not considered in grading of this assignment, it may be a good opportunity to practice APA form and style rules for citing sources.
  1. Your CIO believes that productivity will increase if smart phones and tablets are used in the workplace.
    1. Outline your response to the CIO including your security concerns
    2. List a mitigation strategy for each of the concerns you presented .
  2. A network computer has been attacked or infected
    1. Is it necessary to do a total software reinstallation?
    2. What if it was your home computer?
    3. What is meant by imaging a computer?
  3. Chapter 6 of the text, the author introduces the concept that “For border firewalls to be effective there must be a single point of connection between a site network and the outside world. However in real firms, a single point of entry is impossible to maintain.”
    1. What risks are posed when relying on border firewalls for security 
    2. If border firewalls are not effective, then what should be done to mitigate security threats if a border firewall is used?
  4. What is a “Chromebook” computer? 
    1. List the Pro and Con of Chromebook computers.
    2. Which is more secure, a Chromebook or a Windows laptop?
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