Must be original no plagiarism/ scholarly resources only / apa format/ must follow guideline provided/ all four questions must be answered 1 paragraph per question

InstructionsReading scientific literature is important in professional development for anyone in the medical field. However, reading research articles and scientific articles can be challenging for most. Here you will tackle relevant articles to reinforce your understanding of concepts in this module, as well as learn how to read, understand, and apply concepts useful for microbiology.ActivityRead the following blog and article:”The Three Domains of Life (Links to an external site.)”Citation: Abe, S. (2001, October 22). The three domains of life. Astrobiology at NASA.”The Two Empires and Three Domains of Life in the Postgenomic Age (Links to an external site.)”Citation: Koonin, E. V. (2010). The two empires and three domains of life in the postgenomic age. Nature Education, 3(9), 27. the following questions in 1–2 double-spaced pages following APA (7th ed.) format.How did the classification of a microorganism change from kingdoms to domains of life?How do cell types (prokaryotes and eukaryotes) fit in the kingdom/domain classification systems?Why don’t we classify viruses the same as living organisms?What are the evolutionary relationships between the two empires and the three domains?DueSunday, by 11:59 p.m.Submission and Assessment GuidelinesThe activity should follow APA (7th ed.) format for citations and be no more than 2 double-spaced pages in length.Submit your written assignment as a Microsoft Word document. For help on how to submit your assignment, seeSubmit an Assignment (Links to an external site.).This activity is worth 16 points toward your final grade.Review the Written Assignment Rubric for grading criteria.

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