National Tsing Public Relation Campaigns on Measles and Vaccination Paper

Assignment: Research secondary sources for a public relations campaign.

Description: Imagine you work in Public Relations for the Massachusetts Department of Health. Department leadership wants to communicate to state residents about the importance of getting a vaccination against measles. It wants to reduce the number of adults in Massachusetts who are not vaccinated by 10 percent. Your first step is to identify existing research that defines the risks associated with measles, describes the benefits of getting vaccinated against measles, and counters arguments that vaccinations can cause health problems.

Process: Step 1 is to review secondary research sources that might be ripe for gathering data to support the messaging behind the public relations campaign.

Step 2 is to select your five top resources (i.e., the materials that will be most useful in helping to develop the public relations campaign) and create a brief write-up about each.

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