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Elements of Intercultural Communication

A).How many different groups were represented in Stereotypes?

  There are different types of groups in different fields of Stereotypes, These groups indicates their living standers and their activities in life .So  groups are racial, gender-based, or something like what a person chooses to eat, everyone belongs to at least one group. Being part of a group is not all that there is to a person. So in this case people can be judged based on the fact that they are in a group. For example, Jeff thinks that vegetarians all listen to sitar music and nothing else. But Eddie isn’t even sure what a sitar is! Let’s look closer at how people judge others based on their group affiliation through stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

B).What groups were most represented? Why do you think this is so?

  As we know that in media the most representative group is Society. Stereotypes in media are usually used to categorize specific groups of people into a general concept that defines them as a single unit.We also know thatcultural aspects, accent or skin color may be the first clues to identify the origins and background of that character. Stereotyped behavior builds up the definition of an ethnicity in the mind of the audience. This hinders the audience from searching for deeper human meaning, encouraging them to overlook meaningful. Media helps increase the notion that Blacks or Latinos are different from the rest of society, and the audience accepts that as a fact. The surprising and fraught aspect in this arena is that most times a non-white man plays the villain, the burglar, the assassin or the corrupt character. The minorities are involved in most negative roles in TV and film productions. Thus, the value of our culture is diminished and individuals related to or identified with this group according to society are notable when they behave as bad guys, the poor or the violent. These attributes in their characters and every individual considered to represent that ethnicity.

.What differences, if any, were there in the roles that members of the various groups played? Did one group play more sophisticated or more glamorous roles than others?

  As we know that every work and task can only be done by number of populations and groups in the Society. So there are following example which can easily help us to understand that only one group cannot handle or tackle the populations. For Example If a country has reached the point of development where most deaths come not from infectious diseases like tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera, malaria, flu, pneumonia but from chronic diseases heart disease, diabetes, cancer, the economic and social equality within the society is a greater determinant of death rates and average lifespan than the country’s position with regard to others. So According to given Statements These things warns to people’s sense of control over their lives. People with a higher sense or stronger history of efficacy tend to live longer, maintain better health, and participate more vigorously in civic life.

How many cases were people depicted in stereotypical roles (e.g., African Americans as athletes or women as homemakers)?

  As a society of stereotypes there are many roles offering in different countries as a athletics, woman as home mark. There are few numbers of scholars and social scientists functionalist the responsibilities of both man and woman. These challenges have factors which are significant to understanding family structures. The critical perspective digs deep into the question of how gender roles vary amongst families of differing race and ethnic groups, as well as those from different socioeconomic classes. Gender roles established within African and American families .These perspectives depict the family as an economic social unit, maintaining that the family in its entirety provides a set of universal functions to society such as: regulation of sexual behavior, socialization of children, care and emotional support, maintaining the economic system, and conferring social status upon its members. These functionalists continue to argue that in order to exercise these privileges. So these men and women are expected to carry out their discrete instrumental and expressive roles. It was customary for men to get married and uphold the position of the primary breadwinner by means of providing physical resources such as food, clothing and shelter for their families.

  .What stereotypes were reinforced in the commercials?

  As we know that in commercially stereotypes reinforce gender as a media so with men it’s a bit different as it’s more age based than beauty based. A male presenter will be working in media until his careers ends. But you’ll rarely see a female presenter in her late 40’s on TV as she’s not “pretty enough”. Or she will have had surgery to make herself look younger. Women are more often depicted as being smarter and more emotionally sensitive than Men. They are depicted as being super-human able to hold down a career, head a family and maintain physical perfection. This puts a lot of pressure on women to be high achievers and can leave them feeling inadequate when they are unable to maintain these standards. Men are depicted to be strong and simple, they are shown to like sports, cars, beer, food and women.

.What do your findings suggest about the power of the media and its effect on identity formation and intercultural communication

  Mediahas a great role in intercultural communication it contain a power of people and media workers to communicate with government and with people and also keep pace with the development of society and county. they have created to appeal to women who want to change the current gender roles. These underlying message is buy this product because you are really more clever than he thinks he is This means then that gender is still a major form of inequality. Moreover, there are plenty of those ads where clever men are telling happy but incompetent women how to do the housework by buying the latest scientific technological aide. The underlying persuasive narrative is different. Nevertheless, both sets of adverts reinforce gender inequality

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