need help 2 assignments questions and research paper

Bus 164

Assignment 1

Conduct an Internet search on a concept Morale. Submit a brief (200 words or less) report on the information that you found on the concept. Include the full citations on the information sources that you used. Do not use Wikipedia as an Internet information source. 

Assignment 2

“Ursula Burns, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Xerox.  Go to the Internet and answer questions 1-4 from the case.

Please type each question as a heading and then type your answer below the question.

1.  The chapter discusses four types of changes that organizations typically encounter- technical change, structural change, task change, and people change. Which of these did Burns deal with at Xerox?

2.  The chapter discusses resistance to change and some of the methods managers can use to overcome resistance to change. . In your opinion, has Ceo Burns been a successful change agent so far?

3.  Describe the type of organizational culture that Burns is trying to create at Xerox?

4.  In your opinion, has Ursula Burns created a strong or weak, positive or negative culture at Xerox?

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