Need help for open book FINAL test for Financial Management

I have an open book FINAL test for Financial Management class, test is worth 45%, I need someone who will guarantee me an A grade in this test and will master the material for this subject please. 

To get an A on this test, knowing the rules and formulas in the book used for the class is necessary (below a copy of the book link). This test is for a graduate online class. 

This is the test requirements, Please read carefully!!  Test Requirements.png  

This is a copy of my book: Financial+Management+Theory+&%3+Practice+14+edition.pdf  

This is the lecture notes: Lecture Notes.doc  

This is the weekly assignment: weekly assignments.png  

 If you don’t have enough financial expertise, please don’t take the job! My budget range can be discussed. 

Total is 30 questions in 1 hour. You can decide the exam time within the stipulated time.

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