Need help with a business law case and an abusive collection agency


Peter, a Massachusetts resident, applied for a loan at three banks. Peter’s application was denied at the first 2 banks but finally approved by the third institution. Peter believes the first two denied his application because of his minority status. No explanation was ever provided by the banks denying Peter’s request for funds. After receiving the loan Peter soon found himself unable to make the prescribed payments. Peter went into default, causing the bank to turn over his case to a collection agency.  The collection agency called him day and night and were very abusive in their collection practices. Peter became very distraught and unable to function in his job. As a result Peter was fired from his job. Peter ask your advice in this matter regarding his legal rights. 

The collection agency called him night and day and were very abusive in their collection practices. Peter became quite distraught and unable to function at his job. As a result, Peter soon was fired. Peter asks your advice regarding his legal rights.

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