Need legal help with Prison systems/Guantanamo Bay

1. Should the goals of a prison system include degrading and demeaning prisoners…why or why not? 

2. Discuss the current situation in Guantanamo Bay. What are your personal opinions on the issue, i.e., what should the U.S do and specifically why? 

***For question two include the lifestyle at Guantanamo Bay and the recent case of the man that was locked up for 13 years- case of mistaken identity

****** looking for well supported views, and critical thought.****** (opinions are not enough)

***Essay type responses

*** Questions are to be answered 

***Responses should be at least 650 words each (not counting sources and references) and each should have at least 3 different sources each properly cited in accordance with APA.(6th ed)

 I encourage you to “be as thorough as possible”. (i.e., critical thought which is supported fully by “trusted” referenced sources such as peer reviewed journals, published books, and .gov sites).

With that in mind and were appropriate please “use headings” for the essays that clearly distinguish each part of the question being answered.

More so, each essay response should have several in-text citations as you want to fully support your comments 

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