Need management help to Respond to Angela Smith Week 7 Discussion

The two crucial steps are a successful plan and good communication (Hawk, n.d.). A total reward plan must be competitive to be able to attract employees to the organization. The performance criteria should be understood by the employees. A successful plan should be delivered on time and fairly as stated in the plan. The organization must also consider funding, making certain that the total reward plan will be profitable to the company. Communication will be to motivate the behavior of employees. The managers must communicate to employees to give clear understanding as to what they are offering for their contribution to the organization.

If there is change within the organization the managers have the duty to interact with the employees and provide updates as they become available, so that the employees feel comfortable and also part of the change process. The organization should also provide an explanation of the change and the goal that the organization is trying to accomplish by conducting meetings and involving the employees by allowing feedback (Bryant, n.d.).

The method informing change is by email, intranet, and also by meetings. The method should be circulated among the employees with a thorough explanation with examples of the changes being made (Bryant, n.d.). There should also be a face to face meeting with management and the HR department to answer any questions that the employees may have. Employees adapt better to change with a clear explanation with understanding of the mission and goal of the organization.

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