Need management help with Questions on leadership Part 1 and 2

Part 1

Learning Activity #1

Describe the Leadership Landscape of the 20th and 21st century then explain the types and kinds of change it engendered or engenders. Incorporate the week 1 some of the 5 ways business will change from your slide share 99 facts assessment (will be uploaded later). Why will effectuating change be the leaders hardest and most important task in the years to come?

 Learning Activity #2

In the McKinsey article “Leader Change Thyself”, the author says that organizations do not change people do. If the role of the leader in today’s business environment is to move people, and to create change you must move followers, what strategies do you suggest the 21st century leader adopt to create and maintain effective change in the organizational culture? Identify at least four strategies of change. If you were the project director of Coca Cola and you wanted to make New Coke a success how might you have employed your strategies for change to make New Coke a reality?

Part 2 (part 2 can be completed later, due end of the Week)

Learning Activity #1

After completing your reading decide on at least five major tenants which can be used to lead successful innovation in business. Then reach out to the Internet and find companies whose leaders illustrate the tenants you have chosen to substantiate your choices. In evaluating your choices make sure to define what innovation means, what types of innovation exist in business, and how these types affect the way leaders lead an innovative organization. Here is a place that might start off your research.

 Learning Activity #2

In week one you were asked to read/watch the “slide share” show 99 Facts about the Future of Business. Then you were to create a list of five new businesses from the slide show. Select one of your new business ideas and create the innovative company to match your “new idea”. Create the culture and structure that would be sure to make the company successful. Also, define the traits you would need to lead the company. 

Add this article to you reading to help complete the exercise.

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