Need paper on Internet sources and how to use them productively

For this assignment, you will be introduced to Internet sources and examine how to use search engines more productively.

Utilizing at least three sources from the Internet, complete a basic investigation to find a relative or friend. You can also use sources like Facebook to find a friend you have not yet ‘friended.’ Other options are sources like Zabasearch, or any of the resources listed in Chapter 4, pages 119-133 of your textbook.

Write a 2-3-page paper (Approximately 300 words is 1 page and therefore, 2 pages is approximately 600 words and this is what is required.) summarizing your investigation, beginning with a rationale for choosing the subject of the search. Also describe your methods of using sources, and why you used the particular sources. Include what the sources can provide for the average person and the outcome of your search. If you did find the person, did you contact him or her and verify their identity? If you were unsuccessful, what were the reasons?

Your paper needs academic research, which means references and accompanying citations.  Thank you.

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