negative message and AIDA

1.  Telling about a negative message you’ve received/observed at work or in an organizational setting (feedback? layoff? customer/client complaint? other?).How was it handled?  What was its effect on you? Co-workers?  Customers? Was there some way it could have been handled better?  Delve into it a bit. Please provide citations

2.  The AIDA model piqued my interest because it relates to how I write as a journalist. The checklist (A through D) is helpful. Please provide citations
Please write a 4-line persuasive message relating to a new product or service from your wireless electricity businesses. A – Get the reader’s attention
I – Keep the reader’s interest by explaining or expanding the 1st line
D – Whet their desire by telling them “what’s in it for me?”
A – Motivate them to take action

The checklist (A through D) is helpful.  negative message and AIDA.docx 

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