Northcentral University Cybersecurity in Hospitals Paper

Topic: Relation with Public Heath

In a 4- to 5-page paper identify and discuss why you selected this topic. This is the first part of your final project and will serve as the Introduction section of your research proposal. You will need to utilize at least 3-5 references.

The completed paper for this module should address the following issues:

  1. Identify a topic area (this topic will be the focus of the remaining modules of your remaining SLP assignments). Please be specific. For example, your paper is going to examine the disparity in access to primary care between racial/ethnic groups in a city of your state.
  2. Provide the rationale for this choice, the knowledge gap, and the importance of your research (need to research the literature to support your arguments).
  3. Discuss the objectives of your research.

4-5 pages typed and double spaced using 12pt Times New Roman font and 1-inch page margins. Use headers throughout the paper.

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