Nutrition and obesity power point

*It should be a topic of your choice from a chapter*Not the whole chapter, only what you prefer best2. Presentations must be in Power Point3. Presentations must be completed on the date assigned by the professor4. Presentations must have pictures (three – five pictures)5. Presentations must have seven (7) slides as follows:First Slide   ===? Title slide: Topic, student’s name, and professor’s nameThree Slides ===? For NarrativeTwo Slides ===? For Pictures*Narrative Font Style ===? Times New Roman*Narrative Font Size ===?  “26” or “28”Seventh Slide ===? References*This Slide should be titled “References”. All sources of information used on the presentation must be declared on the References slide6. Presentation narrative could be read and explained at the same time. Pictures should be identified and explained, and/or enhanced with some informationPresentation points for your Final grade will be awarded based on the compliance with the Presentation guidelines and not on the chapter presented or information provided during the presentation, as long as the information is accurate.*Specifications to the guideline provided

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