Offshore Job and Production Outsourcing, business and finance homework help

If you buy a new computer and call the company for tech support, you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up talking to someone in Bangalore, India. Economist Gregory Mankiw (the author of your textbook), the economic advisor to President Bush, was asked about the movement of American jobs overseas; he replied that the trend was “probably a plus for the economy in the long run”. Most economists agreed, but some elected officials responded differently. The loss of American jobs is more serious in manufacturing sector. In the early 1940s, about one in three American workers worked in manufacturing. Today, that figure is about one in ten. According to former secretary of labor Robert Reich, the loss of manufacturing jobs is not a reason to worry. But it is a reason to study hard. What do you think about offshore job and production outsourcing? Is it going to hurt American economy? Do you have any policy recommendations to stop or slow down the offshore outsourcing problem? You should read several recent articles related to outsourcing and answer the above questions. You have a stronger position if you support your point of view with data. I want you to use and benefit from several sources and references; therefore, you should use three sources . You should use at least 400 words in your postings. It is required to use APA format.

BTW, I need two different work for this. one is for me one is for my friend, we r in same class.

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