PED212 Central Michigan University Communication Models Presentation

Using a communication-related topic, you will create a 5-7 minute speech including at least 3 oral citations and integrating PowerPoint effectively including a title slide, one slide for each main point, a conclusion slide, and a slide with appropriately cited sources.

As you make your consideration of topics, you’ll want to think about creating a thesis statement that allows you to create three clear main points related to the thesis.

To begin the process, you will need to select your topic and create a thesis statement. Once you have completed that work, submit a document including your (a) general purpose, (b) specific purpose, (c) thesis statement, and (d) three main points.

Here’s an example (The Communication Model is off limits):

  • General Purpose: To inform
  • Specific Purpose: To inform my classmates about three different communication models.
  • Thesis: Our understanding of how we communicate can be represented through three different models.
    1. The linear model
    2. The transactional model
    3. The interactional model

Here are some suggested topics to consider:

  1. Ways in which communication is affected by perception.
  2. Methods of nonverbal communication.
  3. Relationships between language and culture.
  4. How culture affects communication.
  5. Relationships between nonverbal interaction and language.
  6. Important relationship theories.
  7. How mediated communication affects relationships.
  8. Tips for effective listening.
  9. Suggestions for conflict resolution in interpersonal relationships.
  10. Describe techniques for improved small group experiences.

After developing your thesis and main points, your next step is to develop an outline and identify some form of visualization you can use in your speech. Do external research online and find at least two sources, excluding the textbook, to further support content in your speech. These sources must be cited appropriately in APA format both parenthetically in the body of the outline and as a works cited list at the end.

Please write a transcript for the speaking part of this assignment.

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