Perdue Global Christian Worldview Understanding of Genuineness Discussion

Assume you are an LPC or studying to be an LPC Please review respond to each prompt in minimum of 250 words per prompt. You are expected to utilize the textbooks provided and to use academic writing style and correct APA format.

Also, please include at least one leading question follow each of your responses

I will forward to you the username and sign on for the ebooks.

  • Chapter 11-12 (Cormier)
  • Chapters 16-17 (Martin)

Discuss solution-focused therapy and how this type of therapy understands resistance and how to deal with such resistance.

  • Chapters 13-14 (Cormier)
  • Chapter 13 (Martin)

How could you utilize the self-calming approaches in your own self-care strategies as a helper?

  • Chapter 15, 19 (Martin)

As a future helper, what activities or experiences do you think will help enhance your sense of self-efficacy?

  • Chapter 15 (Cormier)
  • Chapters 10-11 (Nichols)

Discuss at least two concepts you learned in this class, and how it’s helping you to become a better counselor.

  • Chapters 12-13 (Nichols)

Discuss the Christian Worldview understanding of “genuineness” and how this might contribute to effective listening.

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