Personal Responsability and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996

Answer ONE of the following Questions:

  1. Discuss the intent of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. What does this policy communicate about how our society views the poor and poverty in general?What causes poverty?What are the moral implications of this policy and what are some of the historical precedents for the policy.Specifically, draw on some of the social movements from your readings and from our class discussions to draw parallels with current thinking about poverty and the historical roots of such perspectives.
  1. Discuss the origins of the profession of Social Work. Specifically, highlight historical social movements and individuals that influenced the development of the profession. How has social work changed over the past 100 years? How is current social work practice linked to the past? What social issues do you think social work should focus on now and in the future and what methods should social work utilize to accomplish it’s goals? Explain.
  1. Discuss the historical struggle for the profession of social work to gain credibility as a unique profession. How has this led to a dichotomy in the profession in terms of clinical work and macro/policy work? What are the historical roots of this dichotomy in social work? As a profession, what do you think social work should emphasize—one-on-one clinical work, social change, or some combination? Explain.
  1. Discuss the intent of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform) of 2010. What does this policy tell us about who is responsible for ensuring that all Americans have access to health care? What are the moral implications of this policy and what are some of the historical precedents for the policy? Specifically, examine both the proponents and opponents of previous attempts at national health care. Finally, compare the historical support and opposition to current perspectives that support and oppose this legislation.


Choose one of the above questions and write a 4-6 page (not including title page and reference page) paper to answer the question. APA format should be followed. Discuss your responses in terms of (a) historical precedent, (b) what others have said about the issues, and (c) your personal opinions.

To answer the question you will need to conduct some research to gather information on the topic. You may reference your textbook but be sure to include other sources as well.There should be at least 5 outside (peer-reviewed articles and books) sources.

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