Phase 1 – Theories of Organizational Behavior: Diversity

800 words (with minimum of 2 references) 

As you begin the process of diagnosing the organizational behavior problems at Cameron Mechanical & Automation, Inc. (CMA), you see that there are various indicators pointing to possible issues. First, it looks like the company has a diverse workforce. From the employee surveys and interviews, you notice some consistency in the responses; that is, most are voicing dissatisfaction with management. Divisions appear to operate independently and have values that are not necessarily in alignment with the overall company values. Your first meeting as a consultant specializing in organizational development (OD) for the company is with the chief executive officer, Jared Smith.

“Thanks for meeting with me this morning, Dr. Smith,” you say.

“Please call me Jared,” he says. “I’m glad you accepted our contract. You come highly recommended.”

“Well, thank you,” you say. “I’m happy to be here.”

“Have you had a chance to look at the materials my assistant sent last week?” he asks.

“Yes,” you say. “I’ve been reviewing the employee surveys and some of the interviews that human resources conducted last month.”

“Very good,” he says.

“I’d like to talk with the people who work here—in management and staff positions—to better understand why there are such disparate values throughout the company,” you say. “I think that will help me to get a clearer picture about their personalities and attitudes.”

“What do you propose?” he asks.

“To begin, I’d like to talk with the four vice presidents,” you say. “I will ask questions to understand their approaches to things like organizational development, motivation, and employee needs. It will be a good baseline for my work.”

“I see,” he says getting up to indicate the end of your meeting. “Get the contact information from my assistant so you can set up appointments. Let me know if you have any problems making appointments.”

“Great,” you say shaking his hand. “Thank you.”

Back at your office, you take time to write down some important points about at least 3 of the major theories of organizational behavior. On your drive home that night, you ponder how the theories you described will help you to better understand concepts such as attitudes and job satisfaction. The next day at work, you write it all down, because it will help you be consistent and focused during your meetings with the vice presidents.

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