planning system management

I would like to write a study case paper for Non-profit company (doctors without boarder). This study paper should carry out an organizational case study. This is a field research project in which the selected a nonprofit “doctors without boarder ” and collect information about its management controls, its activities, its structure, its resource base, the institution it relates to, and its relationships with other organizations.

There are more details should be followed in order to describe some issues that must to consider when doing an organizational case study. And I expect from you integrated report containing the results and outcomes in addition to my recommendations and my suggestions for the development and improvement this organization if possible, comparing with other non-profit companies such as UNICEF
I will give you an idea of the kinds of information you will have to collect to conduct the mentioned organizational case study.

If you can help me. More details are required to complete this study case.
The Due Date Mar-30
if you can help me i will provide you with the attachment


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