Prepare systems flowcharting segments and labels

Prepare systems flowcharting segments and labels for the following operations:

Update an airline reservation on a web-based airline reservation system from a home computer.

A scheduled automatic back-up of an internal hard drive to an external hard drive

Processing OCR documents online to update a database on magnetic disk.

A report is prepared from data stored on magnetic tape.

Billing data are entered online and used to update the sales order file and the customer master file.

Reading data from a disk file into the computer to be printed on a report.

Access a price list maintained on a disk to complete a purchase order. An electronic copy of the purchase order is sent to the vendor and a backup copy is printed and filed by vendor name.

Enter employee hours worked data from time cards to the payroll transaction file maintained on a disk and match to wage data maintained on the payroll master file.

A sales invoice is prepared manually and sent to a customer.

An error listing and batch total are compared and filed.

A sales order is prepared manually. Copy 1 is sent to the warehouse and copy 2 is filed.

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