Productivity, Growth, and the per-worker production function

Suppose you were in charge of establishing economic policy for a small island country whose only industry is weaving. when people aren’t weaving, they’re enjoying leisure time with their families. 

The leader of the country decides how many people should weave garments each day, and how many looms the country should have. suppose she suggests the number of people assigned to weaving without changing the number of looms. the effect of this policy would be_____(1)_____the per-worker production function, resulting in_____(2)_______in capital per worker and ______(3)____ in output per worker.

Options for (1): 

A. an upward shift of

B. a rightward movement along

C. a downward shift of

D. a leftward movement along

Options for (2)

A. a decrease

B. an increase

C. no change

Options for (3)

A. a decrease

B. no change

C. an increase

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