Project Management Assignment

Project Management Assignment

Word Limit: 1500 words

Citation Format:  APA

References:  You are required to consult and correctly reference a MINIMUM of 5  different sources of information.

You are appointed a Project Manager in charge of organising and planning a project. Select only

ONE of the project titles below:

1. A company family day

2. A company dinner & dance

3. A company retreat to another country

4. A 1 day exhibition for a company

5. A 1 day seminar or meeting for foreign guests to a company

6. A fund raising event for a charity organisation

7. To send 10 internal employees of a company for a 1 day training/seminar

8. To launch a company product with a keynote address

9. To revamp a company’s internal system and re-install and commission a new system

10.To manage moving the company to another location or renovate a unit in a company

Develop the project plan of your chosen project

based on the following:





Introduction of the Project (Description of the chosen project)



Project Scope statement (6 items checklist)



Establish Project Priorities (Justify the matrix)



Create the Work Breakdown Structure (explain the work packages)



Cost Estimation (including a time phased budget)


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