Property and Violent Economic Crimes – Notebook, law homework help


For this assignment, do your work with the Property and Violent Economic Crime transcript, reviewing resources provided there.

  • Review the Property and Violent Economic Crime transcript.
  • Use the resources available in the transcript. Feel free to find other resources outside the media that you find relevant.
  • Respond appropriately to the following questions with the resources obtained in the transcript:
    • Why is it important to establish whether it is an instrumental or expressive situation before an intervention takes place? What psychological motivation is likely to be present for the expressive hostage taker?
    • How does the Stockholm syndrome differ from the London syndrome? Use two research articles as the foundation for your explanation and provide links to the articles.
    • How is the behavior of offenders influenced by societal factors, such as economic recession? Find and refer to a news article, providing a link, on a violent economic crime, such as bank robbery, theft, embezzlement, et cetera, and answer the question.

Use 3 scholarly sources within the transcript for your references.  2 pages of material is required in APA Format with in-text citations 

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