PSY211 Baker College Roles of Health Professionals, Support Systems Paper

Part 1: Select or take pictures that illustrate people who involved during the transition time of death, this could include family members, health care professionals and/or others who are there during the final phase. Also illustrate legal factors that are associated with death.

Part 2:
Write a reflection of approximately 250 words that include discussion of the following items, which will need to be uploadeded and sumitted to the assignment button:

  • Explain how these pictures relate to, or exemplify the SLOs.
    SLO 4f: Discuss the roles of health professionals, support systems, and family as they relate to end of life decisions.
    SLO 4h: Examine legal factors associated with end of life decisions.
  • Based on what you have learned related to the above SLOs, what have you learned about the role of support systems as well as legal factors associated with end of life? How may this information help you understand death and dying as it is experienced by other people?
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