Public health: Stress Management (Discussion)


What would your IDEAL WORLD look like – with a low level of stress?

Name at least 2 things that would exist in your perfect world and name your top 2 stressors. Is it possible that your stressors would be decreased or even eliminated if your perfect world existed?

Can you see a correlation between your perfect world and your top stressors?

Discussions RUBICS

  • 1st post: minimum 150 words and maximum 300 words. If less than 150 or more than 300, minus 5 points.
  • 2nd post: minimum 150 words and maximum 300 words. If less than 150 or more than 300, minus 5 points.
  • 1st and 2nd post need to be specific (your specific opinion or your specific ideas or your specific experience or specific examples from other countries ). If vague and very general, minus 2 points.

In this case, 2 works in total. The first one is to write a discussion according to the question, and the second is to be a reflection to peer’s discussion.

Peer’s discussion:

In my opinion, an ideal world will not only be fulfilled by perfecting the substance or the utility such as transportations and smart devices, but also by perfecting the action and the mindset of the human being. In nowadays world, individuals tend to be rude, hostile and judge mental to others, in the ideal world, people should be nice to each other, eliminate all the bad behavior and all the inappropriate mindset such as judging a person by gender, race, or nationality. If the ideal world exists at some point, I am certain that people will suffer much less than before, but it is impossible to eliminate all different kinds of stresses even in the perfect world.

Things that would exist in my perfect world will be first, the food and the water that we eat are fresh, clean and healthy; second, everybody has a perfect AI friend that even when you are by yourself, you will not feel alone anymore. My top stressors are first, lost of a loved one; second, arguing with people. It is very possible that my stressor would be decreased, for example, if I have an argument with another person, my AI pal will take the role of conciliator. However, it is impossible to eliminate the stress as I mentioned above. There is a correlation between my perfect world and my top stressors, but only correlate when it comes to the issue of relationship.

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