public speaking

For this discussion board post, you will watch two speakers who differ greatly in their communication and delivery styles. You must be honest without being inappropriate or cruel. Your post must be at least 600 words.1.First, you will view the speech of Phil Davison. After watching Phil Davison, please write a brief synopsis of your feelings toward his delivery style.2.Next, you will view Jarrett Krosoczka and his speech about lunch ladies. Please also write a brief synopsis of his delivery.3.Who do you believe to be more effective? Why is delivery so important in getting your message across?4. Please discuss some of the things your book discusses (go back to chapter 2) in terms of effect and engaging delivery. What should speakers pay attention to in terms of their body movement? Eye contact? Their voice? Their appearance? Finally, how is the content of the speech affected when a speaker has really strong delivery? What about when he/she has a lackluster delivery?

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