quiz 4

If someone can help for the OFFERED price.. I need 100% ACCURACY!!!Question1.The greatest amount of calcium is used in:a.b.c.d.2.Rickets is caused by a deficiency of:a.b.c.d.3.The primary function of vitamin D is to regulate absorption and metabolism of:a.b.c.d.4.The most reliable dietary source of iodine is:a.b.c.d.5.A body function that may be affected by a deficiency of vitamin C is:a.b.c.d.6.The type of tissue that is most vulnerable to a vitamin A deficiency is:a.b.c.d.7.The hormone that causes the kidneys to retain sodium is called:a.b.c.d.8.The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin A is expressed in:a.b.c.d.9.Vitamin E protects cellular and subcellular membranes by acting as a(n):a.b.c.d.10.The greatest concentration of sodium is found in:a.b.c.d.11.The mineral that is present in the body in the greatest amount is:a.b.c.d.12.Binding agents such as oxalic acid and phytic acid inhibit absorption of:a.b.c.d.13.The term used to denote concentration of electrolytes in a given volume of fluid is:a.b.c.d.14.Low serum phosphorus levels may occur in individuals recovering from diabetic acidosis because:a.b.c.d.15.Zinc is important throughout the life cycle, but especially during:a.b.c.d.16.Newborn babies treated with phototherapy for elevated bilirubin levels may develop a deficiency of:a.b.c.d.17.When a person experiences impairment of taste, the condition is known as:a.b.c.d.18.Symptoms of impaired sense of taste and smell are sometimes caused by a deficiency of:a.b.c.d.19.An example of a food high in vitamin E is:a.b.c.d.20.The food group that is the most important source of riboflavin is:a.b.c.d.

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