Question 1 (4 points)Saving…SavedWhich of the following enzymes is needed to synthesize the DNA molecule from the viral RNA genome;Question 1 options:DNA polymeraseRNA polymeraseReverse transcriptaseReplicaseQuestion 2 (4 points)Saving…SavedViruses that persist in the cell and cause recurrent disease are considered;Question 2 options:OncogenicCytopathicLatentResistantQuestion 3 (4 points)Saving…SavedThe capsid is composed of protein subunits called;Question 3 options:SpikesProtomersVirionsCapsomersQuestion 4 (4 points)Saving…Saving…SavedThe envelope of an animal virus is derived from the ………………. Of its host cellQuestion 4 options:Cell wallCell membraneGlycocalyxReceptorsQuestion 5 (4 points)Saving…SavedThe nucleic acid of a virus is;Question 5 options:DNA onlyRNA onlyBoth DNA and RNAEither DNA or RNAQuestion 6 (4 points)Saving…SavedEnveloped viruses carry surface receptors that act as recognition sites for subsequent binding and infection of other cells, these surface receptors are called;Question 6 options:BudsSpikesFibersSheathQuestion 7 (4 points)Saving…SavedExample of virus that alters the genetic set of a host cell and transforms it to cancer cell is;Question 7 options:Herpes Simplex VirusHIVPapillomavirusFlu virusQuestion 8 (4 points)Saving…SavedSpikes on enveloped viral surfaces helps in;Question 8 options:ReplicationEntryIntegration into host genomeAssembly of viral particlesQuestion 9 (4 points)Saving…SavedEndotoxins are found in which of the following organisms;Question 9 options:G + bacteriaG – bacteriaBoth G + and G – bacteriaSome fungiQuestion 10 (4 points)Saving…SavedFormation of biofilms is mediated by which part of the cell;Question 10 options:FlagellaPiliFimbriaeGlycocalyxQuestion 11 (4 points)Saving…SavedBacterial endospores function inQuestion 11 options:reproductionprotein synthesissurvivalstorageQuestion 12 (4 points)Saving…SavedClostridium botulinum is a virus that causes neurotoxic effects (paralysis) in infected individuals.Question 12 options:TrueFalseQuestion 13 (4 points)Saving…SavedViroids are short pieces of RNA with no protein coat found to infect only plants.Question 13 options:TrueFalseQuestion 14 (4 points)Saving…SavedGram positive bacteria is characterized by a thin layer of peptidoglycan on its outer membraneQuestion 14 options:TrueFalseQuestion 15 (4 points)Saving…SavedA plasmid is a critical piece of DNA necessary for bacterial life.Question 15 options:TrueFalseQuestion 16 (4 points)Saving…SavedUndifferentiated lymphocytes exist in;Question 16 options:Thymus glandBone marrowLymph nodesThe liverQuestion 17 (4 points)Saving…SavedLymphocytes differentiate to T and B lymphocytes atQuestion 17 options:Trachea and BrainTonsils and bloodThymus and Bone marrowLiver and heartQuestion 18 (4 points)Saving…SavedWhat type of immune cell first detects and processes antigens and foreign molecules;Question 18 options:Antigen presenting cells (APCs)T lymphocytesB lymphocytesNone of the aboveQuestion 19 (4 points)Saving…SavedA molecule that does not initiate an immune response known asQuestion 19 options:Immune misleaderEpitopeImmunoglobulinHaptenQuestion 20 (4 points)Saving…SavedA molecule that initiates an immune response with an active site for immune cell recognition is known asQuestion 20 options:Immune misleaderEpitopeImmunoglobulinHaptenQuestion 21 (4 points)Saving…SavedWhich of the following immunoglobulin classes is able to cross the placentaQuestion 21 options:IgGIgAIgMIgEQuestion 22 (4 points)Saving…SavedWhich of the following immunoglobulin classes is secreted at mucus membranes (salivary glands, intestine, nasal membrane, genitourinary tract…etc)Question 22 options:IgGIgAIgEIgMQuestion 23 (4 points)Saving…SavedWhich of the following immunoglobulin classes is associated with basophiles and mast cells in blood and mediates allergic reactionsQuestion 23 options:IgGIgAIgEIgDQuestion 24 (4 points)Saving…SavedImmunoglobulins are produced by which of the following cells;Question 24 options:T lymphocytesB lymphocytesAntigen presenting cellsNeutrophilsQuestion 25 (4 points)Saving…SavedWhich of the following is an example of innate immune system;Question 25 options:B lymphocytesWhite blood cellsSkin, Saliva, Tears, and stomach acidThe spleen

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