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Here is a direct quote from the PM code of conduct. ‘ The values that the global project management community defined as most important were: responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty. This Code affirms these four values as its foundation.’  If we evaluate are assignment from this statement alone:…..

  • Your boss owns 2,000 shares of stock of one of the vendors, his wife works for another vendor, and he is on the procurement selection committee for the project.
  • A third vendor in contention for this project has offered everyone on your team tickets to the hockey game this weekend in the company box with dinner included.
  • Your stock broker is recommending the purchase of a technology mutual fund that contains stock belonging to several of the vendors in contention.

We would have to cite there are multiple reason why our ethical responsibility and accountability will be compromised if we were to purse any one of the vendor opportunities. Remember the founding values of responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty;  they are the building platforms from which we proceed,  I cannot honestly be objectionable and evaluate the vendors based on a predefine criteria knowing I have a vested interest of gain if they are chosen,  and if there should ever arise a question of why the were awarded over another vendor can I respond with integrity.  So it is my opinion that I would either remove myself from this part of the selection process by telling my direct superior I have a conflict of interest; or I would eliminate those vendors completely.  The latter choice my not be the best for the company because it could be that one of these vendors are the best fit ; If that is the case then I would definitely be honest and upfront about my involvement with those vendors.

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