Ratios, Calculations, Spreadsheets plus Written Assignment

This is an assignment that was already completed once, but it did not pass and it needs the eye of someone highly skilled with financial ratios. If you do not completely understand accounting and business analysis please do not bid on this. I will tip very well on this assignment when it comes back graded and passed.

Anyhow–I have a number of documents including the existing work, the grader’s comments so you know what needs to be fixed. Note that the grader’s comments document includes the rubric and many important comments that MUST be addressed. Those are attached here.

Task 1 Grader Feedback plus Rubric.pdf 

task 1 spreadsheet current state.xls 

task 1 written currrent state.docx 

Task 2 Grader Feedback plus Rubric.pdf 

task 2 spreadsheet current state.xls 

task 2 written current state.docx 

Thank you!

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