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Police violence in America has been a hot topic as of late given some very serious incidents that garnered the nation’s attention. Unjustified shootings, severe beatings, fatal chokings, and rough treatment of offenders have caused the public-at-large to scrutinize the activities of police officers – and question their authority – like never before. The ability of the public to digitally record these incidents in real time has exasperated the problem. This enhanced scrutiny has caused officers to hesitate to utilize an appropriate level of force when confronting potentially dangerous situations. There is some concern that the anxiety officers currently face could potentially compromise their safety.

Choose a high profile police violence incident that received extensive media coverage. Do not simply give a synopsis of the case!  Instead, discuss some unique ethical dilemmas related to the case – and the potential ethical issues relating to the aftermath of the incident – i.e., overarching implications upon the field of criminal justice, implications related to the public’s perception of criminal justice professionals, etc.

Donotpost your paper in this discussion area.  Post it in your LEO assignments folder.

Please note: I never penalize students for exceeding the assignment standards set forth in the syllabus, so feel free to expand upon your ideas.  I realize some professors penalize students for going above and beyond,  (i.e., exceeding a certain number of pages, words, sources, etc.), but I do not take this approach.  In fact, students who hope to receive an “A” oftentimes find it necessary to exceed the standards referenced in the syllabus.


Mini-Papers are single page reflections on a question or exercise. The paper is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate their comprehension of the course material and to apply it to the situation presented. The paper is also an opportunity for the student to demonstrate composition skills. Feedback will be provided for both content and composition.

Assignment: In the week that includes the Mini-Paper, a separate assignment will appear in the Discussions section of the classroom. These special Mini-Paper questions are NOT to be answered in the Discussions. The one-page response is to be submitted as a MS WORD document in your Assignment Folder by the due date specified.

Format:One full page, headed with the student’s name. Narrative must be double spaced, with1 inch margins, written in #12 font. References from the reading materials must be cited in the narrative (page number). For some Mini-papers, outside sources will be required; to be cited in APA format on a separate page.

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