Reflection Essay on Diversity (Capstone), communications homework help

READ THE WHOLE THING CAREFULLY: (it’s a bit detailed, because to explain everything)

A bit of background information before the question: Diversity, why it is important as well as its role in our lives and the workplace. Some examples (posted below) have solidified your commitment to and understanding of diversity. Others may have had their beliefs challenged or broadened. This assignment focuses on this experiential knowledge together as well as challenge that understanding in practical ways. As we enter an age with ever increasing global connections, a basic understanding of cultural competency is an important skill to have. The understanding of how each individual that you will come into contact with has their own unique diverse identity which impacts how they experience the world around them will be an ongoing learning experience. In addition to hard skills, employers are looking for candidates with “soft skills” when making hiring decisions. In almost every job, there will be expectations to be able to work with a team and provide information to a group of individuals (sometimes small numbers, sometimes large numbers – sometimes with minimal guidance or direction). This assignment will help you reflect on that could eventually be a soft skill asset to a company and assist you with your job responsibilities in a global environment.

PART 1: Question: In this first part, you will synthesize the diversity topics into an overall reflection. It is very important that you give examples or tell stories about how this topic impacts you. You will need to answer the following questions in your reflection. In general, summarize about dimensions of diversity and their impact on you and other groups. What are some new skills that you developed and how will you continue to develop? What are your personal strengths related to diversity leadership? What challenges do you have? How will you utilize what you have learned both now and in your future professional and personal life? Provide at least one example of a time where you were discriminated against, ostracized or felt devalued because of a part of your identity that you cannot easily change. How did this event make you feel? What tools did you have (or wish you had) to deal with this event? If you experienced the same event now, how would you react? How do you react when you see others experience discrimination? (Give an example) Do you feel that you have the skills to address this situation? If you do not, how will you attain them? How will this skill serve you well in the workplace and in life?

The Reflection portion should be minimum 2 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, and Times New Roman size 12 font.

attached are some of the presentations that should aid you in this:

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