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SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most common language in database language. But of course these are databases, one of the most crucial pieces to an organization. If a threat actor attacks the databases and they are not well protected, guess what, your data is all gone and they have stolen valuable information on customers, clients, and employees. It is imperative to make sure your databases are secure. But, what if they are not secure? I will be mentioning some of the consequences that can happen to a company if an SQL injection attack is successful on a database.

As stated before, weak security data bases have consequences of being cracked easily, this may result in the loss of data of clients, employees, and customer information. If this happens, the company my lose credibility, and in losing that they can be at risk of losing serious money and endorsements from other partners. They may also lose potential clients, because this may show that they may not be trustworthy and show they may not be performing maintenance the way they should to make sure they don’t get compromised. Another consequence may be the databases shutting down which the term “time is money”, the threat actor may not be able to obtain information and the attack could’ve been planned for a couple months or even year and it may take around that same amount of time to resolve over time. But, the threat actor can just play a sick joke just to take the database servers offline just cause. Though the company may have decent security on the databases, if a threat actor has time and even the money, he will compromise the database. This will result in a substantial money loss and may even lost in credibility.


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