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Your task in WP2 is to compose an annotated bibliography. While we will explore the annotated bibliography in more depth as part of the readings, quizzes, and process work assignments in the course, it will be helpful to have a basic sense of the work as we begin the writing project.A bibliography is a “trail of crumbs” that allows interested readers to follow and explore a writer’s research. A bibliography includes all of the sources (books, journals, periodicals, websites, etc.) one has used for researching a topic.An annotation is a summary, evaluation, and reflection of a source. You may even think of this more simply: an annotation is a collection of notes about a source, or literally, an annotation is based on the idea that a source has been “noted” for its significance. As a general rule, annotations do the following (hereafter referred to as a SERQ):Summarize: What is the source about? What is the rhetorical situation being addressed in the source? What is the author’s position/thesis?Evaluate: To what extent does the author/source succeed at persuading you that the position/thesis is reasonable, credible, and rhetorically sound? How effective is the source at extending your understanding of other perspectives and your issue as a whole?Reflect: How does the source complicate your growing understanding of the issue? What is the relationship between your sources? Does this particular source compliment or contradict others you’ve read? How will you use this source in your upcoming argumentative proposal paper (WP3)?Quotes: What quote or quotes do you think best capture the argument from this particular source? What sentence(s) could you draw into your own essay that might compel your reader to understand your perspective?Taken together then, an annotated bibliography (the bulk of which we will be drafting in our process work) is a list of sources that have been summarized and evaluated in a manner that 1) displays the sophistication of academic writing and inquiry, and 2) appeals to an informed and curious, public audience.Assignment DetailsThe annotated bibliography you produce for WP2 should include six sources total, made up of, at minimum:2 news articles2 academic journal articles1 book1 additional source (of any type listed above)at least 1 of your four sources must have a different perspective or point of view as compared with the others.Project SubmissionYour process work assignments will be submitted in Canvas within the weekly modules.Your final project should meet the following basic guidelines:It should be 1500 – 1750 wordsIt should be formatted as an annotated bibliography, according to APA style

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