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Directions: Choose two questions below to answer in a 6-page, academically sourced paper using APA format. Please make sure you have included at least 10 sources to substantiate your information.

  • Use Paul Light’s Tides of Reform taxonomy to discuss overarching trends in HR related to compensation and benefits (e.g., pension reforms across the country) and position management changes in places like Georgia, Arizona, and the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Discuss the use of selection tests (e.g., education and experience documents are “tests”) using three examples: a frontline administrative assistant in a large organization, a professional with expertise, and a city manager. (This must be presented as an essay, not a simple listing of tests.)
  • Describe three different approaches to appraisal as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Describe a relatively thorough appraisal system with at least five components.
  • Briefly review the general collective bargaining structure. Specifically answer: who supervises unions and what are the provisions under which they may operate. What choices do unions have in representing their members when negotiations are stalled. Discuss at least one other aspect of collective bargaining in your essay.
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