Saint Leo Final Electric Bike Hiring Business Plan Paper

    1. Review the following U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Website resources:
    2. Use the Business Plan tool which you have previously selected to complete your Business Plan.
    3. Review and edit your Business Plan.
  • Assignment 7: Final Business Plan

    Submission: Use your selected business plan template to complete the Business Plan.

    1. Prepare to submit your Business Plan.
      • Design a Cover Page for the business plan that includes relevant information. The Cover Page is the first impression so make it look impressive.
      • Create an Executive Summary. In presenting the plan to your financing source this is the first thing they will read. You must make it engaging and compelling so they will want to look at the details contained within the plan. This is the single most important element of the plan to anyone looking at it for the first time.
      • Create a Table of Contents.
    2. Organize the information from the prior assignments within the body of the plan so the information is presented Plan updated for any comments you have received or any additional research or ideas you wish to include.
    3. APA format and Word .doc/.docx
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