SBM 3204: sustainability and ethics

SBM 3204: sustainability and ethics

Critical review


words:- 2000

this is an individual assignment.

Students have to choose a business case organisation. Based on the chosen case organisation, students have to critically review how the business case organisation is applying to its business decisions. In doing the critical review, student have to covewr the following topics:

1. The relevancy of ethics for business decisions-mliterature review and discussion.

2. How ethics is relevant for businessdecisions in a chosen case organisation.

· Examine and analyse the case organisations rules, policies tpo ethics in business decisions making.

· Include decisions or cases that shows how the organisation is considering ethics in its business decision making.

3. Is ethics relevant for small businesses?

4. Clarity

5. Citation

6. Harvard style refrencing.

Attached File: 3152582_1_2867487-1-assignment-2-sustainabilty-and-ethics.d
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