Scheduling: A bottleneck refers to any point in business operations, management homework help

Respond to the following discussion:

A bottleneck refers to any point in business operations and services that slows down the entire process when the workload is increased. During a production surplus, the bottleneck causes backlogs in other parts of a business’s operations as well, which may make it difficult to pinpoint the actual bottleneck.

There are several ways to increase the speed and capacity of a bottleneck in operations: Adding resources to perform operations increases the production of the bottleneck resource. The bottleneck resource should always stay working to prevent future backlogs; Ensure that the bottleneck service or operation is always producing quality goods and services to avoid spending unnecessary time repeating processes; Create and manage a production schedule that allows the bottleneck to work at maximum efficiency; Increase the time that the bottleneck portion of a business is kept in production. Look for ways to improve the efficiency of the bottleneck operation, such as eliminating activities that do not provide value to the overall production process. The theory of constraints schedules bottleneck recourses first and then schedules other resources to support the bottleneck schedule.

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