Scheduling :The definition of bottlenecks, management homework help

Respond to the following discussion:

The definition of bottlenecks according to is “to determine the throughput of a supply chain.  Recognizing this fact and making improvements will then increase cash flows.”  The bottleneck is the resource that should always have material to work on, should be fully staffed, and should be the focus of improvement or automation efforts.  The theory of constraints as a scheduling approach, which was invented by Dr. Goldratt, that concentrates on scheduling the bottleneck resource.  One action that can minimize disruptions in production is drum-buffer-rope.  The drum sets the pace for the production, the buffer is placed before the bottleneck to make sure it keeps busy, and the rope tells the processes upstream from the bottleneck when they should begin production.  This idea is the basis for almost all scheduling software that is currently available to the public today.

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