Six Sigma quality, management assignment help

Identify a company that uses the Six Sigma quality improvement program other than the ones discussed in the textbook or the lecture pages (also, do not use the same company that you analyzed in W1 Assignment 3, and that you will be discussing again in W3 Assignment 2). For this company, answer the following questions:

  • What element of the organization’s activities did they use Six Sigma to improve?
  • What caused the company to undertake the Six Sigma initiative?
  • What were the positive results caused by the implementation of Six Sigma improvement processes?
  • Were there any problems associated with attempting to implement Six Sigma within the organization (this does not occur in every organization)?

Based on your research about this company and the readings for this week, would you say that Six Sigma is an important area of quality management? If so, why? If not, why not?

The final paragraph (three or four sentences) of your initial post should summarize the one or two key points that you are making in your initial response.

Your posting should be about 1 page (400 to 500 words) in length.

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