Supply Chain Week 1 Discussion 2: Article Critique

This week, your professor assigned you an article to read. Now that you have submitted your summary, it is time to critique the article. In your initial post you are asked to do the following.

Assess an aspect of the article and write a one-page critique of the article.

Questions to Consider

1) What is the Right Supply Chain for your Product?

  • What functions are included in your company’s supply chain?
  • What is your company’s business strategy and how will your supply chain align with it/support it?
  • Are your products functional or innovative? Why? What are the implications?

2) What are your supply chain key outcomes? Why? What are the implications?

  • Walmart Low Cost Supply Chain Strategy
  • How has Walmart been successful in establishing cost leadership?
  • How can their competitors respond? How should their supply chains be structured?
  • Should Walmart change their supply chain?

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