survey errors/bias

As a SJSU student, most of you are familiar with ratemyprofessor.comLinks to an external site.and SOTEs (Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness). Both use the survey method to gather students’ opinions on a specific course and/or an instructor. See Module B1 for three files: RateMyProfessor_1, RateMyProfessor_2, and SOTE statements. These files show the typical items or statements used in each survey. Both surveys may be subject to survey errors/biases covered in Ch. 7. In your post,

1) discuss at least two (2) such errors/biases that may occur to one or both surveys.

2) answer which survey result is more accurate in understanding the teaching effectiveness. And explain why.

To earn full points, you need to 1) have your original post and 2) respond to at least two classmates’ posts.

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