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Survey Questions

1. What type of experiences have you encountered with computer-based technology, such as

search engines, social media sites, and the Internet that may have affected your

educational journey? Do you think they have a negative or positive effect or both? Why?

2. Tell me about a time that you had an assignment that you didn’t understand, did you use

any computer-based technology to help you understand? What type of technology did

you use? Did the technology use help with the assignment? If so, how?

3. When you are assigned a research assignment, how do you first approach the assignment?

What resources do you use? What type of technology do you use? Did the technology

use help with the assignment? If so, how?

4. Do you think computer-based technology, as defined in discussion question one, has

assisted you with your learning experience?

5. From your personal experience, has technology helped you through your academic career

thus far; handicapped you in some ways, or both? How?

6. In your opinion, how do you feel these technologies has helped the learning experience



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