The Human Urinary System

Instructions:Compose a reflective essay about the importance of the urinary system in the elimination of body waste. Be sure to cover the following  points:1. Provide a succinct description of the main organs belonging to the urinary tract.2. Discuss any differences between the sexes in the urinary system, and their influence on the predisposition to certain diseases.3. Compare the contribution of the urinary system in the elimination of waste products, with the role played by other body systems such as the respiratory apparatus and the integumentary and digestive systems.4. Finally, briefly describe one pathological condition (disease) affecting the urinary system, and some ways that condition can be prevented.Formatting:1. Be sure to include at least 2-3 bibliographic references which must follow the APA style for in-text citation and list of references at the end. References must be properly cited in the text. Avoid using commercial or unverified sources such as Wikipedia.2. Prepare the essay as a Word document that includes between 300 and 450 words formatted at double space, using a Times New Roman 12 size font, and 1″ margins throughout.

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