the model literature reviews , writing homework help

Read the article file that I attached it down and Read Chapter 10 file that I attached it down and answer the 9 question in page 100 in chapter 10 file

You must write the question first then the answer down

Activities for ChaPter 10

Directions: For each of the model literature reviews that your instructor assigns, answer the following questions. The model literature reviews are presented near the end of this book.

1. If the review is long, did the author provide an overview of the review near its beginning? Explain.

2.Did the author explicitly state what would and would not be covered in the review? Explain.

3. Is the review a clear and cohesive essay? Explain’

4. Did the author avoid annotations? Explain’

5. If the review is long, did the author use subheadings? Explain.

6. Did the author use transitions to help trace his or her argument? Explain’

7. If the topic reaches across disciplines, did the author review studies from each discipline separatelY?

8. Did the author write a conclusion for the end of the review?

9. Is the flow of the argument coherent?


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