This is a kind of discussion, complete six journal entries based on the prompts listed below. Each of the six entries must be a minimum of 350 words.

Except for journal 6, you do not have to write about art discussed in class. Just respond to the questions honestly and in depth. I do not grade your journal entries. I only check them to make sure they are the required length and to make sure that you have remained on task by addressing the prompts in detail. Each extra credit journal entry must be from 350 to 500 words in length. When all six journals are complete, you will have written from 2,100 to 3,000 words. Upload all six entries as a single doc or pdf. Provide a word count for each of your entries.

Journal1: What do you consider to be your work in the world?

Journal2: What landscape do you most associate with home?

Journal3: If you were to make a self-portrait, which materials and tools would you use?

Journal4: What does it feel like to be stereotyped?

Journal5: Why is history important?

Journal6: Which works of art discussed in class this quarter are you most likely to remember, and why?

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