Total Compensation Plan

I need these parts put together in APA essay format. I need paper checked for errors and plagiarism. I also need and Intro and Conclusion written for this paper. The intro and conclusion need to be only about 350 words total. 

These are the bullet points that were to be addressed and the order that they need to be in. I am currently missing the first 2 bullet points but I have to go with what I have to work with, If I recieve the portions for the first 2 bullet points I will add as a supplement. 

  • How your plan supports key objectives
  • An evaluation of current trends and issues in total compensation and a prediction of future trends
  • Internal and external equity
  • A wage management process and rationale
  • A retirement plan and how participation will be driven
  • The influence of the organization’s financial condition on the total compensation plan
  • How your plan will be communicated to leadership and employees

I also need an intro and conclusion slide with notes that go along with the intro and conclsion to the essay. I will upload a template for the slides.

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